Marianne Farley is a director/screenwriter, producer, and actress from Montreal, Canada. Fully bilingual, she has performed in a variety of projects in Canada, the U.S., and even Finland. Her work in television includes Heroes Reborn (NBC), This Life (CBC), 19-2 (Bravo), The Dead Zone, Le Gentleman, and Les Invincibles. In film, she has played in, among others, La Peau Blanche (Best First Feature film award at the 2004 TIFF, and Claude Jutras award at the 2005 Genie Awards), Christmas Choir, Imaginaerum, and Uvanga.


More than ready to bring her artistic vision to the next level, in 2014 she began working on personal directorial projects. Her first short film, RANSACK (Saccage), was selected by numerous film festivals throughout the world and her latest critically acclaimed short film MARGUERITE has won over thirty prizes around the globe and is now nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 91st Academy Awards®. In early 2018 she wrote and directed a short film to the song Yet Not The End by Dear Criminals which has received a lot of attention in North America and Europe. It was presented by Telefilm at Berlinale in February 2018. She presently has one short film (SEIZE) and one feature film (NORTH OF ALBANY co-written by Claude Brie) in development and plans to go into production early 2020.

Marianne has a passion for profound yet simple storytelling. Her experience as an actress drives every decision she makes as a director. The characters must propel the story forward in the truth of the moment. In November 2015 she studied writing with Dara Marks and Deb Norton (Engaging The Feminine Heroic) and it opened her up to a whole new perspective on writing for women. 

A true lover of the seventh art, Marianne has produced four short films and is currently coproducing her first feature film LES NÔTRES with Benoit Beaulieu (directed by Jeanne Leblanc) in which she plays one of the lead roles. The film is presently in post production and is set to come out in 2020.


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